The Difference Between Linear Income and Leveraged Income?

Linear Income:

The best way to describe this is only having one source of income which is usually from a job. We all get told to do well at school to get good qualifications so we can get a good job! This results in linear income. Due to the current financial situation all over the world you may being to realise now that having a job is not secure and that model is broken not just within the last two years but it has been for many years before then.

If you get two jobs you then have two linear incomes, is this any better? Well you will have more money but does it really give you what you want. What do people really want? What do you really want?

If you asked people if they could live the rest of your life with the mentality that money was no object most would love to know how to achieve it. The reason most people would love that I think is they would be free!

Freedom is what I think people are looking for. People are willing to work and willing to work hard to be free. The secret is freedom isn’t available to probably 95% of the workers in this world! Even if you have your own small business you still won’t be free as you will still have linear income. The true measure to check whether you have a linear income or not is not go to work for the next 90 day straight with out being signed of sick! Would you still get paid the answer is probably no. If you get paid for your own efforts you have linear income.

Leveraged Income:

The people who are living the freedom lifestyle all have one thing in common and that is leveraged income usually multiple streams of leveraged income. This means that you get paid from your efforts and from other peoples efforts or get paid from money invested. If you have a large sum of money sitting in an account somewhere that’s paying you enough interest that you do not need to work again then you are fine. Majority of us do not have a large sum of money that we can invest. So what the second option?

Having people work with you. You working on your own you only have your own efforts you make £100 you keep £100. If you are working and someone else is working with you, now you have the ability to earn commissions. Imagine if you just had five people working with you and each of the five generated just £100 worth of sales. Total sales would be £500. Even if you only got paid 10% of that from a company you would make £50 plus your own £100.

What would happen if you decided to really expand with your five people and teach them all to go out and find five people for themselves? Now you would have 25 people and if that all just earned £100 in the month you would earn commissions on £3000 and 10% of that would be £300 for having started a team of people to market the company products to the end consumer.

This is not an exact model of how a company would pay you however they concept of this pay structure can create freedom if you put this type of compensation plan structure to work for you within three to five years you could be free!

Any income claims are not guaranteed as building a Network Marketing/MLM business is based on the independent distributors’ individual efforts. Just by you joining a company will not make you any money. The unlimited income potential only becomes available if you actively build a team of distributors in the Network Marketing/MLM Company.