Revealed – Is Mozy Online Data Backup Service Safe?

Online backup of computer data is becoming increasingly popular of late because of its ease and convenience.

Mozy is a leader in online backup and a lot of their appeal is the extremes they go to to ensure the safety of customers’ data.

Mozy’s system for insuring data safety:

1. Data can be encrypted in 2 ways

Mozy uses the Blowfish algorithm to encrypt your data before storage, which is industry standard.

If you would like your own private encryption key, then they will use AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) which is the one used for secret and top secret work by the United States government.

I strongly recommend letting your online backup service handle the encryption – since you could lose it (and lose access to your data forever) there is too much risk in selecting your own personal encryption key.

2. Servers are watched 24/7/365

To get in one of the Mozy data center compounds you will need badge and biometric security clearances.

Only technical professionals get access. Mozy is very selective about who enters the data where your data is stored.

As well, the perimeter of the facilities are fenced and secured round the clock.

3. Power to facilities is backed up by diesel generators

The power at the data centers is backed up by separate generators, so if there is a power interruption, the data center will continue to operate.

Also, power coming in to the facilities is conditioned to make sure sags and spikes don’t risk harming or interrupting access to your data.

4. Protection against natural disasters

In case of fire, Mozy uses a gas fire suppression (waterless) system that starves the area of oxygen rather than flood the area with water.

Furthermore, Mozy is part of EMC Corporation and therefore, uses world-class data center protocols for its 3 data storage facilities.

The Mozy facilities are also SAS 70 certified (Statement on Auditing Standards, developed by the American Institute of CPAs), which is a in depth test of these facilities’ controls and whether they meet industry guidelines.

In conclusion, Mozy’s state of the art data center design and adherence to best industry practices make it a very safe place to trust your most valuable data.