Finding Affordable Medical Aid

Many people opt to not get any kind of medical insurance because they prefer to save the money that would otherwise be spent on the monthly premiums. These people are usually those who are strapped for cash and argue that they simply cannot afford medical aid. However, it can be illustrated that an affordable monthly premium is possible to achieve when you consider what expenses might be should you find yourself in a medical emergency with no cover.

Unexpected health issues like being diagnosed with a terminal illness or being in an accident where you require emergency care or a surgical procedure could end up costing thousands. If you do not have medical aid to cushion the blow, these expenses could very well cripple you financially because you will be liable to settle all amounts out of your own pocket.

With medical aid, you have peace of mind that should the unexpected occur, you will be covered for at least a portion, if not all, of the expenses that might be incurred. A monthly premium sounds a lot more reasonable and less inconvenient when considered in this context. Your decision should therefore not be whether to sign up for medical aid or not but rather, which medical aid option is the right one for you and your budget.

Tips To Help The Decision Making Process

  • Make a list of what your requirements and expectations are where medical aid is concerned. Take family medical history into account so that you have an idea of future scenarios that might become a reality for you like chronic conditions that are hereditary as well as terminal illnesses that has affected your immediate family.
  • Work out a budget to see exactly what you can afford in terms of monthly premiums. You don’t want to be too frugal here but remember that if you can’t afford to keep up with regular payments, your medical cover will lapse and this is something you don’t want to happen. Keep your projections as realistic and practical as possible. Once you know how much money you have to work with, you can use this information to guide your investigation into possible medical aid solutions.
  • Speak to a professional broker about what your options are in keeping with what you need from a medical aid, what your expectations are and what you can afford to pay each month. Some people can do with just a hospital plan and no day-to-day cover, while others need more comprehensive cover that perhaps includes chronic medication and visits to the doctor. Only you will know what services you will require and be sure to lay these out to your broker so they know what options to provide you with.

The Final Decision

Once you’ve done investigations into what your options are, take some time to consider which would best serve your immediate health needs. Make a short list of different medical aid companies and compare packages that are best suited to you and your budget.

Be careful to not let the monthly premium be the only factor driving your decision. Sometimes paying a little more each month could be the difference between quality cover and inefficient service delivery from a medical aid company.