Final Expense TeleSales – Business is Booming

There is one thing you can say about Selling Final Expense Insurance to Seniors and that is it’s recession proof. Whether it’s a good economy or a bad economy, selling Final Expense Insurance is the way to go.

Not only are burial insuranc sales recession proof it also is one form of Insurance the Government and regulator don’t mess with and most likely won’t in the near future. If you have ever sold health insurance with it’s yearly rate hikes or Med Advantage, you know exactly what we mean. And then there is Long Term Care… No thank you!

The real trick though with selling Final Expense Insurance is finding that right Insurance Selling System. Most agents don’t make $100k per year and that is sad since there is so much opportunity to make that and so much more if you find that right system.

Most agents don’t focus on one thing or they do and then can’t keep there book of business because rates keep going up and they have to start over every year or the Government changes regulations and all those agents run to the next hottest thing.

Ah, then there is Final Expense Insurance. Such a simple product with little or nothing to learn. You can master it in about a week. There are no moving parts and it is so easy for clients to understand. There is no complicated language about what is covered and what is not. No complicated illustrations or contracts to decipher. There is no question as far as need since we all die. And it won’t put any client in the poor house.

How simple is this – Client dies….. Beneficiary gets some money!

Selling Final Expense in and of itself isn’t necessarily profitable. It really boils down to how you do it and what platform you use in selling it. The old way is out and not very profitable anymore.

What’s the old way? Running appointments in the field, knocking on doors, spending $25-35 for the good leads….. you get the point.

The way to be successful today Selling Final Expense Insurance and the way to cut your personal expenses to practically ZERO and cut lead costs by more than 75% is with final expense telesales.

Final Expense TeleSales has all the advantages of making money without all the expenses and limitation running appointments in the field has. The real trick though is finding the right platform and group to work with. Not many people have all the pieces in place to make Final Expense Telesales Profitable. It’s a tricky business if every piece of the puzzle is not in place. This is where doing your due diligence and research is so crucial to your success in this business.

Selling final expense is the future of selling insurance for those agents that want a simple non complicated product that is recession proof. Not only is it easy to learn and sell but the Market is exploding with new customers every day as the population gets older.

There is an exciting future for this business.