CISA – Certified Information Systems Auditor and CISA Exam Tips

To become an information security auditor, you might think of taking the industry-leading exam. CISA (Certified Information System Security Auditor) by Information Systems Audit and Control Association. This exam covers almost all the areas necessary for an IT auditor to conduct a successful and effective IT security audit. For becoming a certified auditor, one must take the exam, conducted by ISACA, twice in a year (June &December). Before going for the details on how to pass this exam and about its training facilities, let me tell you what are the areas that will be covered in this exam. There are basically 6 subject matter in IT audit areas, where your strength will be tested and those are:

• IT audit process
• IT governance
• Software Life Cycle Management
• IT service delivery
• Information asset protection
• Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Exam Requirements: One having 3 years of IT security related experiences along with a bachelor degree is eligible to take the exam. In case you lack the bachelor degree requirement, then you need to have 5-year of IT security or relevant experiences. Your experience does not necessarily be from IT security arena, but must be related to IT fields to get the accreditation of auditing exam.

How much is the CISA Exam Fees? The exam fee is around $550. For registration, you can; they will give you all the necessary exam schedules and help you register for the exam. Most of the country has ISACA local chapter, where exams are conducted twice in a year (June and December)

Exam Marks Distribution: There will be 200 multiple choice questions in the real exam, which need to be completed within 4-hour.There is no negative marking for any wrong answer. Marks distribution as follows:

IS Audit – 10%
IT Governance – 15%
Systems & Infrastructure Life Cycle Management – 16%
ITS Service Delivery and Support – 14%
Protection of Information Assets – 31%
Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery areas – 14%

How to buy the Study Guides? From ISACA you can buy their approved study guide, also known as “Review Manual” at $135. They also give some useful sample questions and CD – it will cost $225.For passing the exam both the review guide and sample questions are enough. So, do not worry much about exam passing, unless you do not prepare well all the study materials. Remember over 90-percent questions seem to be new to you when you take the actual test, no need to panic, real exam questions will be very much relevant with the sample questions and might be a bit tougher than those. So, just prepare the sample questions and review manual recommended by experts who already passed the exam.-that will do the trick for you.