Aruba Hotels

Tourists love the Caribbean. Aruba tops the list of places to see in the region because of its consistently warm and sunny weather. Due to a high-growth tourism industry, hotels in Aruba are very competitive. Once a hotel comes out with a new feature or amenity, other hotels make the move to match or top the new product or service in no time. Because of this mentality, almost all hotels in Aruba have casinos, fitness centers, spas, restaurants, bars, gardens, and swimming pools. Yet with all these creature comforts, the hotels still offer unbelievably affordable prices.

With so many hotels to choose from (and with almost identical amenities and services), here are some simple guidelines to help you choose the perfect hotel in Aruba. Budgeting is usually the number one concern for every tourist. There are several hotels that offer accommodations of the highest standards at affordable costs. You can even get bargain prices during promo periods or off-peak seasons. However, the pricing at hotels can be very unpredictable as they can vary from month to month.

If you do not need all the amenities and high-class services that come with a luxury hotel, there are also several low-rise hotels that come with fully equipped kitchens. These hotels are conveniently located near beaches and offer guest much lower rates.

Convenience would probably be the next consideration after cost. In Aruba, the proximity of beaches and city-based restaurants is not a problem since many of the high-rise hotels are clustered together, allowing you the freedom to stroll around the city at your own convenience.

If you are looking to tour the land of Aruba, many of the hotels offer packaged tours that come with the accommodations of your choice. It is advisable to calculate the cost of the tour. Many times, hotel tours are more expensive than an itinerary you can put together on your own or with the help of your local tour operator.