365 Water Saving Tips

365 Water Saving Tips
Hinkler Books
Written By Louise Coulthard
Review 1 Star – Stay away from

How the blurb describes the book:

Saving water is simple and easy.

Discover how to save water around the house, in the kitchen, laundry, bathroom, toilet, and garden, as well as how to check for leaks.

Kids can be water savers too, with a section of fun activities and projects.

Mr Home Budget’s Review

There is almost a big red flag when you read the title of this book. 365 water saving tips, it seems as if they came up with the title first, then tried to fit a book around it. I guess the reason they used the number 365 is because it’s meant to be one tip for each day of the year. There is no mention in the book that there is one tip for every day of the year.

Now this would be great if there were 365 ways to save water. However, as the author has struggled to come up with tips; they have repeated the same tips, just in different sections of the book. For example, they use the same tip for the bathroom sink, but write it in a different way for the kitchen sink.

This book would have been a lot better had they written X number of original tips. Maybe I’m being a bit harsh but once you have read the same tip three or four times just in different locations it can get a bit boring.

On the upside, this book does supply some good facts and information about water. Some of the better or more unusual tips which we have taken on board are:

“Soak lawns every few days instead of a small amount every day. Small amounts of water are more likely to evaporate before penetrating the soil. You’ll also help your lawn become more drought resistant and develop a strong root system.”

“Have a navy shower! Used by sailors to conserve water on sea voyages, this is a great water saver. Simply turn on the shower, wet your body, turn off the water, then soap, shampoo and lather, and turn on the shower long enough to rinse off.”

“Did you know leaking toilets can be the biggest cause of water waste in your household? A silent toilet leak can waste 150 litres or more a day. That’s over 50,000 litres a year. Obvious leaks can waste even more.”

Some of the ones which are just plain obvious and bring the book down are:

“Ensure all taps both inside and in the garden are always turned off tightly, so they don’t drip. However, don’t force taps as you can damage them and actually cause leaks.”

“Some people reduce the number of showers they take in summer by regularly swimming in their pool, especially after exercise or before bed.”

Unfortunately, the book almost seems thrown together over a few weekends than really thought through. The ideas repeat on themselves far too much, and the really good ideas are few and far between. Only if you really need to save every last drop of water is this book worth a read, otherwise steer clear. One out of five stars.

Pros: Has some tips which you can probably put into use right now.

Cons: Repeats far too many tips which have just been written slightly different right throughout the book.

Some tips are plain crazy and no human being should be following them.

Seems slapped together, rather than thought out.